Who is C3D Media Group?

C3D Media Group is a company built around the support, and quality of its communities.

It all started in February of 2017 when I decided to purchase my first 3d printer the Creality CR-10. I saw this printer featured in a Youtube review, and was immediately intrigued by the large build volume and the low cost of the printer.

Once I purchased the CR-10 I joined a Facebook group for the printer. Soon after joining this group the same YouTuber made a video about how the CR-10 group on Facebook was taking advantage of its members for profit, and stealing coupon codes from other people to make money for themselves. In that video they requested that someone in the community should create a new Facebook group, and that is how C3D Media Group was born.

I decided to create the Creality CR-10 3D Printer User Group on Facebook. This group was promoted on Youtube, and quickly grew to over 10,000 members in just a few months.

Over the course of the first year it became the largest 3d printer specific group on Facebook!

Since then C3D Media Group has created multiple different groups on Facebook for many different 3d printers.

At C3D Media Group we strive to provide quality content for our community in multiple mediums such as Facebook communities, video reviews, written reviews, educational content, build guides, and much more.